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What Is a Ticket Processing System?

The purpose of a ticket processing system is to monitor and resolve problems faced by customers. This software package may also be called an issue tracking system (ITS), incident ticket system, trouble ticket system, request management or support ticket. In essence, its purpose is to create, manage and maintain lists of such issues, as required by an organization. Such systems are implemented in customer support centers with the goal of resolving customer issues, as well as those reported by other staff. The Structure An IST will often contain a certain knowledge base with information concerning every single customer. Other includedContinue readingWhat Is a Ticket Processing System?

Tips for Working with Ticket Processing Systems

For any service provider, customer satisfaction is key. To ensure it, you need quality service and real-time support. Your employees must have effective and easy-to-use tools. Finally, the system should allow the business to address new challenges and expand. If your agents are no longer able to cope with incoming requests, it is time for a change. Today, ticket triaging software based on machine learning is the most preferable option. There are six main features distinguishing an efficient ticket processing system. Responding to requests promptly through any platform   Today, customers have an array of communication tools. Aside from theContinue readingTips for Working with Ticket Processing Systems

Technical Support for Hosting – How Does It Work?

There are various problems web hosting clients may face. Websites, email and any other related services may fail. This is why technical support should always be there to help. Here is a general set of steps to take in case of emergencies. First of all, what exactly could go wrong? Common Issues Here are some of the problems that must be reported to customer support. A drawback of shared hosting plans is that other clients may cause your IP address to be blocked by a firewall. In this case, you will notice a sudden and sharp drop in traffic. IPContinue readingTechnical Support for Hosting – How Does It Work?

Popular Services: SaaS Help Desk

What is SaaS Help Desk Software as a service is a model of licensing and delivering software functionality on a subscription basis from an external source/company. Unlike traditional help desk implementations, the functions of a SaaS help desk are delivered through the Internet, representing an efficient method to outsource all the basic and related functions of a traditional help desk. By delegating all these functions to a central cloud computing infrastructure with a multitude of installed apps working together, a client can obtain an efficient integrated service to cover the needs of in-house office workers (e.g. customer support agents, workersContinue readingPopular Services: SaaS Help Desk

The Advent of Hosted Help Desk Services

How Help Desk Solutions Looked Before The Internet and Cloud Era Like many other computer/IT services in previous decades, help desk solutions were usually implemented locally by buying specialized software and either installing it on each individual computer in a private network of the company or on dedicated servers accessed by computers in this network.         This had a number of implications such as the fact that significant time, effort, and financial resources were lost on setting up these solutions (e.g. buying the hardware, installing the applications, ensuring software integration), maintaining them, updating the software and fixing potential bugs.        Continue readingThe Advent of Hosted Help Desk Services

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